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Power Tool Accessories

Do more with your power tools with the right accessories.
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Accessorize your drill

When you have the right drill bits, you can see any project through.
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SmileTools: The Trusted Manufacturer of High-Quality Professional Power Tool Accessories. Providing the Best Power Tool Accessories Assuring Consistent Performance

Drill Bits & Bit Holders

As a bit manufacturer, we get the best possible out of our tool: power, hardness, geometry and efficiency combined in a small piece of steel. So that you achieve maximum performance with minimum effort.

Bits for slotted-screws
Bits for Phillips-screws
Bits for Torx-screws
Bits for Torx-IPR-screws
Bits for hexagon screws
Bits for internal square screws
Bits for Tri-Wing screws
Bits for multipoint screws
Universal bit adapter
Combi bit adapter
Universal bit adapter
Magnetic Bit Holder

You can use hole saws to install door hardware, cut holes in pipes and plumbing, make holes for wiring and cables, or make holes in a birdhouse.

Carbon Steel Hole Saw
Bi-Metal Hole Saw
Multi-Material Carbide Hole Saw
Bi-Metal Hole Saw
Diamond Grit Hole Saw
Cobalt Bi-Metal Impact Rated Thin Wall Hole Saw
Glass Drill Bit Diamond Hole Saw
Diamond Grit Hole Saw

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Nail-embedded wood, metal, and metal demolition blade plus storage case. We are a manufacturer of premium quality reciprocating saw blades. Save time & money.

Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blades
Reciprocating Saw Pruning Blades
Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades
Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades
Metal Cutting Bi-metal Reciprocating Saw Blades
Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades
Wood Cutting, Rough Demo Reciprocating Saw Blades
Purpose Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade

Oscillating Saw Blade

Nail-embedded wood, metal, and metal demolition blade plus storage case. We are a manufacturer of premium quality reciprocating saw blades. Save time & money.

1-3/8 in. High Carbon Steel Cutting Blade
1-3/16 in. High Carbon Steel Cutting Blade
3/8 in. High Carbon Steel Cutting Blade for Oscillating Multi-Tools
1-3/8 in. Bi-Metal Carbon Steel Cutting Saw Blade
1-3/16 in. Bi-Metal Precision Tooth Cutting Blade
1-3/4 in. Bi-Metal Reduced Shank Titanium Cutting Blade
1-3/16 in. Bi-Metal Precision Tooth Cutting Blade
2-5/8 in. Wide Cutting Blade for Oscillating Multi-Tools
2 in. High Carbon Steel Rigid Scraper Blade
Triangle Sanding Backing Pad for Oscillating Multi-Tools
4 in. High Carbon Steel Serrated Knife Blade
2-5/8 in. Carbide Grit Half-Moon Blade

Durable SDS hammer drills bits for industry and trade

Hammer Drill Bit SDS-plus 2-CUT
Hammer Drill Bit SDS-plus 4-CUT
Hammer Drill Bit SDS-max 4-CUT
Concrete Milling Cutter SDS-max
Masonry & Stone drill bit
Stone drill bit ACCU E6,3
Multi Purpose EXTREME
Harpoon Drill 4-CUT, E6,3
Wood Drill Bit CV
Wood Drill Bit CV ACCU E6,3
Forstner drill bit
Auger drill bit
Twist Drill Bit HSS-R DIN 338
Twist Drill Bit HSS-G DIN 338
Twist Drill Bit HSS-Co DIN 338
Twist drill bit HSS-G ACCU E6,3

Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer

We sell these in a wide range of sizes and styles and produce many standard types as well as custom made products for OEM’s. We have an advanced production facility which enables us to produce extremely high quality power tool accessories in small or large quantities at very competitive prices.

High-Speed Steel

Our power tool accessories are made from hardened stainless steel which effectively prevents corrosion and guarantees long term durability, heat-treated to make it ultra-tough.


For OEM customers or for volume applications, please contact us if you don’t see the style you are looking for, as we have an extended range, not all of which is shown on this page. 

Advanced Technology

The exceptional quality of our products comes from the passion we have for engineering solutions in this market. Many of these products are used in safety critical applications so quality and reliability are a primary considerations.

Why SmileTools for Your Power Tools Project

SmileTools never settles for anything less than the best. To preserve and enhance the quality of our products and services, we use cutting-edge production and testing equipment in conjunction with our seasoned professionals.

Production without Risk

SmileTools experts are always on hand to assist and ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. Our manufacturing team is committed to meeting your schedule and quality expectations.

Our Amazing Team

We are very proud of our dedicated, loyal, and hard-working staff. We think of ourselves as a family. Working together as a team helps us to provide a steady, dependable source for your products and supplies.

Smile Wei

Lulu Liu

Wendy Jin

Carry Liu

Tina Wang

Our Ordering Process

Six steps and you will get the best solution for your measuring.

1. Quick Quotes

Please provide us with your requirements, including quantity, color, custom logo, packaging, shipping address, etc.

2. Quoted Price

Our salers will confirm your product requirements and provide accurate quotes and production lead times. The quote is valid for 15 days.

3. Approve Samples

Receive power tool accessories samples and confirm the specs. Once approved, we immediately start the pre-production.

4. Production

We follow manufacturing SOP for producing your power tool accessories; you are guaranteed to receive goods with quality as expected.

5. Quality Assurance

We are a power tool accessories manufacturer that adheres to standard quality control on all of our accessories.

6. Shipment

We will provide you with pictures of the goods and ensure that the goods are safely delivered to you according to the agreed transportation method.

Sourcing Power Tool Accessories from SmileTools

For Brand Owners

We have worked with different businesses taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired power tool accessories solutions. We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and realize your brand’s perfect multi-tool solutions.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our in-house modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options to appeal to your target customers. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our streamlined manufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best products in the market.

For Brand Owners

Being one of the most equipped power tool accessories manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality products at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.

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