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WholesaleTree Pruning Sawsfor OEM

Serving you top-quality pruning saws at reasonable prices. We guarantee consistent quality with fast delivery. Inquire and get your quotes within 12 hours!

Best selling pruning saw products

Looking for the perfect pruning saws?

Buy wholesale garden tools in bulk, cheap and affordable pruning saws. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable garden tool supplier, Greeny Gardening is a perfect choice.

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Folding pruning hand saw

The saw blade is made of premium high-manganese steel, with style triple-bevel staggered teeth for ultra smooth and sharp sawing. Great for tree pruning and pruning. It is foldable and can be easily stored in a backpack or toolbox. The locking system prevents the blade from accidentally closing during use.

Sharp sawing teeth

Ergonomic handle

Folding design

Pruning saw for tree cutting

The Folding Saw features aggressive staggered teeth (7 TPI) that allow for ultra-smooth and sharp sawing. The 3-sided razor teeth ensure efficient cutting, making your pruning tasks quick and effortless. The impulse hardened teeth also contribute to the saw’s long service life.

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Hand saw for camping pruning

Soft rubber handle

SK-5 steel 1.1mm thickness blade

Most popular pruning saw products

Looking for more popular pruning saws?

If you love gardening, you want the best tools. At Greeny Gardening, we provide these. Our tools make weeding, hoeing, sweeping, or pruning easier and more efficient all year round.

Pruning saw

SKU: ST020231

Folding saw

SKU: ST020239

Garden hand saw

SKU: ST020259

Garden pruning saw

SKU: ST020225

Tree prunning saw

SKU: ST020267

Prunning hand saw

SKU: ST020266

Best pruning saws

SKU: ST020276

Japanese saw types

SKU: ST020275

Tree saws

SKU: ST020265

Curved pruning saws

SKU: ST020240

Garden tool kit

SKU: ST020264

Hand pruning saws

SKU: ST020277

Folding pruning saw

SKU: ST020269

Camping saw

SKU: ST020230

Small pruning saw

SKU: ST020227

Handheld saw

SKU: ST020260

Why choose SmileTools products?

Responsible quality and design​

At SmileTools, we believe that by fabricating robust, inspiringly designed and environmentally friendly garden tools, we can spark happiness and enhance overall wellness.

Professional Team

Our professional team leverages their knowledge of gardening tools to efficiently meet your needs and provide the best solution to you.

ISO9001 Certified

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we demonstrate a robust commitment to consistent product quality and your satisfaction.

Environmentally Friendly

We protect the environment by using eco-friendly production and carefully chosen raw materials to minimize natural resource use.

More cost effective

We add value for you through cost efficiency, achieved by negotiating raw material costs without impacting quality, and saving on transportation.

24/7 Premium Support

As we offer well-designed, durable and efficient gardening tools, help you improve your brand's rating and reduce after-sales.

Professional Team

Our customer support team is accessible round the clock, ensuring your inquiries, issues, or downtime is hastily addressed.

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